Christmas Around the World

This is a collection of historical Christmas celebrations for many different countries. The celebration or activity is the earliest history  for each country and may not represent the current Christmas celebrations of today. Visit over 30 different countries and see how they celebrated Christmas!  If you wish to add a country's historical Christmas tradition to this section or have any comments, please contact us.

 Christmas In Australia 

 Christmas In Bethlehem

 Christmas In Brazil

 Christmas In British Isles

 Christmas In Canada

 Christmas In China

 Christmas In Czechoslovakia

 Christmas In Denmark

 Christmas In France

 Christmas In Greece

Christmas In Germany

 Christmas In India

 Christmas In Iran

 Christmas In Iraq

Christmas In Ireland

  Christmas In Italy

 Christmas In Japan

 Christmas In Mexico

 Christmas In Netherlands

Christmas In Nicaragua

  Christmas In Norway

Christmas In Poland

  Christmas In Portugal

 Christmas In Romania

Christmas In Russia

 Christmas In Scandinavia

 Christmas In Scotland

Christmas In South America

South America
 Christmas In Spain

Christmas In Sweden

  Christmas In Venezuela

 Christmas In Wales


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