A Child's Christmas Prayer

by B. Muntz


A Child’s prayer for Christmas


Dear God, thank you for Christmas and Santa Claus

And the gifts he brings me each and every year

I know I have been good according to your laws

Even though I have made my parents shed a little tear


Keep Santa safe with sled and gifts packed

Bless the reindeer they are strong and fed

Thank you for the food I left Santa to snack

Let Santa know that the cookies are beside my bed


Please stop the wars in the world and people from fighting

Let them see your peace and a Christmas tree with lighting.

Bless all the poor children without Christmas or love

Let them know that Jesus is your gift to all from above.


Bless my family that I love so very dear

Let them know that in my heart they are near

Thank you God for all the gifts shiny and new

Be sure to tell Santa that I prayed for him too.




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