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Please note that XP users do not need any extra applications to use this site.

For Windows 3.1 - Windows 98/ME and MAC OS 9 or less will require some extra effort. Please see below for more details

NOT for Text Only based browsers:

This web site is made for more than just text based browsers. If you require a new browser that is capable of JAVA, MIDI and GRAPHICS, then download one of the following browsers. This site is best viewed on Windows Internet Explorer 6.x.

Microsoft Download Page.    

Can't hear any sound? This is what you need. For PC users, you will need a sound card installed, generally a pair of external speakers and a midi plug-in for your browser. For Mac users, midi capabilities have been available since system 7.0. Most Mac computers have sound built in but the Midi files always sound better on external speakers. You will need a plug-in for your browser.

Click below what platform you are running and download the necessary software:

For Windows and Macs:

MIDI File Players

Most web browsers will play midi files. Please be sure you have the latest web browser.

How do I enable Java if my browser supports it?

Download the latest Sun Java Runtime engine: