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wHey everyone, are you ready to play Santa's "NAME THAT TUNE"?
This game is easy, fun and will test you on your knowledge of Music!

Picture of walking SantaInstructions:

Each level you play gets a little harder. The only way to get to the next level is by answering the current level's questions correctly. Below are the titles to the songs and the music. The music is in random order indicated by a "key number". Match the "key number" to the right song title on all the songs then press "Check my Answer" button. If you are right, you advance to the next level. Watch out for the extra song not in the list of titles! We added one extra song just to make it a little harder!

First click on a song key. The song takes a number of seconds to load. Please wait. This will also open a separate window for the song. Listen to the music. When you think you know the song, press stop and close the window. Enter the key # beside the song tile you think it belongs to. Proceed until you have entered all the key numbers. Checking your answer early will not reveal how many correct titles you have.

Lets start the game with an easy one. Remember, to advance to the next level, you have to get all the titles correct. Good Luck!

Level 1: Category: Christmas Music

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Enter your answers here:

Frosty The Snow Man is key #
It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas is Key #
Let It Snow is key #

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