Kissing Bough

The Kissing BoughA traditional decoration in England and colonial America, a sphere of greenery, especially one containing winter fruiting mistletoe, holly, or ivy, symbolizes rebirth in the midst of winter. Any kind or combination of greens and decorations makes a fresh looking kissing bough to hang in your house for the holidays.

Almost any type of evergreen will do; choices include pine, fir, spruce, magnolia leaves and eucalyptus as well as the traditional holly, ivy and mistletoe. Experiment with different clippings from your garden, and check the seasonal offerings at produce markets and florist’s shops.

The frame is made from two hemispherical wire baskets of the type used for sphagnum moss planters. Buy the baskets (there often painted green) from your local garden center; if necessary, cut and remove some of the wire struts or intermediate hoops (as shown below) to open up the structure of the finished frame. Wire the baskets together, then wrap the seam in several places with green florist’s tape to keep the two halves from shifting. Secure the greens to the frame with fine wire. If you wish, you can wire on ornaments, fruits such as apples or any other decorations you choose.

To complete, add a bow and ribbon at the top to act as a decorative hanger. Suspend mistletoe from the bottom, then hang up the decoration in a likely for warm and loving holiday greetings.

Designed By: Françoise Kirkman

Fig (1)

To make frame, join a pair of planter baskets with wire after snipping off any unwanted struts with wire cutters; wrap joint with florist’s tape.

Fig (2)

Attach greens to the frame with fine wire; wire on any decorations. Finish off with mistletoe on the bottom and a ribbon on top for hanging.

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