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This section of the North Pole is a "how to" for crafts and recipes dedicated towards Children. These crafts and recipes are easy to make and require little supervision or help from a parent. We encourage all children and parents to give them a try. Make your Christmas Holiday a joyful experience cooking and creating crafts from The-North-Pole.Com! If you have a recipe or a craft that would be easy for children to make or prepare, please forward them to our Webmaster. Remember to have FUN and have a very merry Christmas!



Kissing Bough
A traditional decoration in England and colonial America, a sphere of greenery, especially one containing winter fruiting mistletoe, holly, or ivy, symbolizes rebirth in the midst of winter. Any kind or combination of greens and decorations makes a fresh looking kissing bough to hang in your house for the holidays.

Origami Ornaments
Ornaments inspired by Origami, the traditional Japanese paper-folding craft, are colorful, inexpensive, and easy to make. You only need a few materials - a box of slightly shiny, lightweight origami paper, string, white glue, and scraps of colored tag board or paper.

Greeny Clusters
Here’s a quick, easy way to turn extra snippets of greenery into a handsome decoration for a door or wall.

Little Ornament Boxes
Shiny little boxes made from coated paper and filled with inexpensive gifts can decorate your tree until they’re given as favors to holiday guests. Or use the boxes on an exciting “Adventure tree” for children: attach stick on numbers to the


Star Gif Christmas Tree Tostada
This colorful Tree Tostada is made with ground beef, onions, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, green pepper and tomatoes. Hey kids, put a little Mexican into your Christmas.

Star Gif Stroganoff St. Nick
Why not suprise Dad with this wonderful stroganoff St. Nick. Santa makes it with bite size pieces of beef, onions, sour cream, mushroom soup over a bed of egg noodles or rice.

Star Gif Pear Mouse
Why not let the kids suprise you with this easy and wonderful dessert that is made with lettuce, pears, carrots, cloves, raisins, and banana’s. This is one of Santa’s favorite desserts.

Star Gif Mrs. Claus’s Favorite Lime Pie
Hey mom and dad why not get your little ones to make this easy and tangy dessert. It is made with limeade, milk, graham cracker crust, whipped topping and strawberries. All your little elves will love this dessert.

Star Gif Ho-Ho-Holiday Omlet
Why not have a breakfast that is fit for a Santa. This colorful omelet is made with milk, eggs, cheese, green peppers, onions, olives, tomato and ham. Counting calories?... But it covers all the major food groups!

Star Gif Cheery Hot Chocolate
This delicious hot chocolate will warm the kids right up after making their very own Frosty the Snowman.

Star Gif The Best Cinnamon Bread
Hey mom, get the kids to try this easy but wonderful fresh baked bread. Little elves make with Brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and chopped pecans. This is one of Mrs. Claus’s favorite breads.

Star Gif Celestial Seafood Casserole
Suprise Mom with this wonderful hot casserole. It is made with mushroom soup, onions, parsley, cheese, crab meat, and pasta shells. This dish is scrumptious and easy to make.

Star Gif Tangy Mandarin Salad
Hey dad, get the kids to make mom this wonderful tangy salad. It consists of two lettuce’s, onions, mandarin oranges, celery, sunflower seeds. Even Santa likes this one.

Star Gif Starry Biscuits
Santa will see stars when you leave him these wonderful starry biscuits and jam with a glass of milk out on Christmas eve.

Star Gif Chocolate Chip Pie on a Cloud
Dad will be on cloud nine with this delicious chocolate pie that is made from chocolate chips, sugar, vanilla and pecans. This pie is a true favorite of all Santas.

Star Gif Chill-chasing Cider
This hot delicious cider is made with apple cider, orange juice, and cinnamon. This drink will surely warm everyone after a day of outdoor activity.

Star Gif Rudolph’s Peanut Butter Oat Treats
These wonderful treats are made with real peanut butter, brown sugar, and oatmeal. Even the elves like this treat, if Rudolph doesn’t eat them all first.

Star Gif Fantastic Fudge
Hey Boys and Girls, this Fantastic Fudge dessert is made from chocolate chips, milk, vanilla, and walnuts. The elves make this for Mrs. Claus.

Star Gif Crunchy Paprika Chicken
For all the chicken connoisseurs out there, this easy colorful chicken dish will surely brighten any dinner table. It’s easy to make so the kids can help too.

Star Gif Easy Elfin Rice
This fun and easy rice dish is made from chicken broth, butter, onion soup and pimento. This would be a wonderful side dish to the Crunchy Paprika chicken.

Star Gif Frosty The Snowball
No, you don’t need any real snow balls for this recipe but this wonderful treat will surely put you into the holiday spirit.

Star Gif Great Greeny Beanies
This wonderful hot casserole dish is made from green beans, mushroom soup, cheese, and fried onions. Santa just loves fried onions.

Star Gif Chocolate-dipped Apple Slices
Hey kids, this dessert is easy to make and it is made with mom’s fresh apples and sweet chocolate chips. You got to try this one.

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